Legacy Medium Cider Case (12 Bottles)


Our Legacy  Dry Cider is the first and the ‘Original Legacy Cider’.

It’s my favourite as I think it has a lovely balance between sweet and Dry. There is a “good bite to it” as I’ve been told often times, this “bite” is the strong Bramley flavour coming through.
The Medium Dry is made with only three apple varieties; Elstar, Bramley and Michellin. Elstar is a floral light cider that sits in the background, Bramley is the big bold mouthful and Michellin is a beautiful sweet French cider apple that gives a soft caramel flavour and a lingering dryness.

This is a great cider with oily fish and white meat. It has a strong acidic backbone so it is able to cut through rich flavours and compliment. The high carbonation coats the tongue and cleanses the palate.

It’s also a great thirst quencher any time of the year.

ABV 5%

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Legacy Medium Cider

I’ve really enjoyed blending this ‘Medium’ cider. I’ve combined natural and technical skills together to produce this beautiful new blend.

We’ve been working on this idea over the last nine months trialling young ciders with more mature ciders and adding a few new apple varieties into the mix. In the end, we had 4 different blends that made it to the final stages and the one that won hands down? Yes, it’s on the shelves!

It is a perfectly balanced blend of 6 different apple varieties. I really like this cider as each of the apple varieties get a chance to show their character at different stages when you are tasting. The tastes are subtle, and nicely balanced; a little sweetness, subtle tannin on the mid palate, crisp acidity and a dry finish to balance.

This is a crowd-pleasing cider; easy drinking, great flavour profile, natural apple aroma. Great with good friends, a warm sun, a good sporting occasion or kicking back on your own.

ABV 5%

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