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I’m Liam McDonell and I am the maker of Legacy Irish Cider. I chose the name Legacy for my cider because I’m following in the footsteps of my grandfather and my father by making a living from apples. My Grandfather grew and sold apples and my Dad grew apple trees; I took it one step further and make cider – well, they do say that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

We are still very much at the start up stage, and we have a great team. My dad Pat is the chief advisor; he’s a wise old sage with over 40 years of experience.

We are a small passionate team that love doing what we do; producing an authentic natural product and getting it to you in perfect condition.

Gemma is the chatterbox who looks after our sales. She could talk for Ireland on any given subject and win a gold medal – believe me!

Graeme is the serious one in the team. He’s contemplative and focused on his work. He loves his cider and is totally happy cleaning vats and doing all the cider quality checks!

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Legacy Irish Cider started out in The Brickey Valley, which is just outside Dungarvan in West Waterford. It’s a beautiful place that sits between the Comeragh Mountains and the sea. As the business has grown we moved into Dungarvan Business Park where we have our large vats and all that fun stuff.

You’ve heard of the sunny south east? Well, it’s actually true! Dungarvan has lots of sunny days, which is where the sparkle in our cider comes from. (okay not really, but our cider does sparkle!)


Have we mentioned that we’ve awards for our cider? Ah stop, we’re blushing now. We had to put up a new shelf to display them all.

But seriously, we’re totally delighted with the awards, it makes all our hard work worthwhile, and it’s good to know that our cider really is as good as we think it is!

2018 Blas Na hEireann Irish Food Awards Silver Medal
2018 Great Taste Award, UK Guild of Fine Foods
2018 British Cider Championships: Silver Medal winner in International Cider Category
2018 Gold Medal Altech Dublin Craft Cider Competition

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