Legacy Irish Cider

When a Local Cider maker decided to put three Generations of heritage and history into a cider; Legacy Irish Cider was born.

Legacy Irish Cider is a range of natural crisp ciders fermented using natural wild yeasts from local handpicked apples.

Our Medium Dry Cider is the Original Legacy Cider. It is a little dry and has a lovely balance between sweet and Dry. It starts off a little sweet, has a green apple sharp note and finished with a lingering dryness. A great cider with fish or white meat.

Our new addition to the Legacy Cider Family is our Medium Cider. This is a completely different cider; a ripe red apple sweetness, rich caramel notes, subtle tannins on the mid palate and a soft dry finish to balance. This is a cider drinker’s cider, a great thirst quencher! Easy drinking, great flavour profile and a natural apple aroma.

Our Ciders are naturally gluten free and vegan friendly.


Meet our Family...

Legacy Irish Cider, three Generations in the making!

Legacy Irish Cider is three Generations in the making! My Grandfather was very enterprising. He planted apple orchards in West Waterford on the lush valley of the River Bride. My Dad became passionate in apple tree growing, achieved a PhD in the subject and developed his own miniature apple tree! I have been immersed in apples all my life, inspired to keep this tradition and privileged to produce my own cider.

We are a small passionate team enjoying the honesty of making a quality cider we can be proud of. We started off in 2015 in a garden shed, expanding to larger units and now we can be found in Dungarvan fermenting and maturing our quality cider in hefty steel tanks and wooden Vats! My Dad still keeps an eye on us ensuring we don’t step too far out of line and the business is on a solid footing.